Planning Objections

We assist clients in challenging planning applications or decisions by providing expert advice, crafting evidence-based objections, and advocating for responsible development.

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Planning Objections

We appreciate that the planning system can seem to be inaccessible and unfair at times to those affected by development. We have many years of experience in successfully safeguarding the interests of residents and local businesses against ‘un-neighbourly development’.

We guide concerned parties through the planning system, making sure that their concerns have a strong and persuasive voice throughout the application and, if necessary, any later appeal process, including any relevant compulsory purchase or similar statutory process.

It’s quite common to be opposed to a planning application and you’re totally within your rights to lodge an objection.

Whether it is successful or not will depend on a host of factors, so it’s well worth tackling the objection with professional help.

If you have any questions about objecting to a planning application, please feel free to give us a call or press the button below to get in touch.

How We Can Help With a Planning Objection

  • We can give your objection the momentum it needs. We will identify a proposal’s weaknesses and argue against it on planning grounds, rather than on aspects that carry little or no weight.
  • We offer total peace of mind for our clients. You can rest assured knowing that you are represented by professionals who know the relevant planning policies and the ‘system’ inside and out.
  • We will we do all the hard work for you, including writing and submitting planning objections in a professional style that decision makers will take notice of.

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